Invest directly in pre-screened, pre-packaged property developments and buy-to-let portfolios

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Direct investments in developments and buy-to-let portfolios


Gain access to a wide range of pre-screened, prepackaged property developments and buy-to-let portfolios throughout the UK, to create your own diversified portfolio through property crowdfunding


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A new source of capital for Developers and LandLords  propety investment crowdlords


Raise the capital you need by pitching directly to a wide and varied investor base to accelerate funding and to secure more opportunities using property crowdfunding



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Who is CrowdLords for?

All investments on CrowdLords are Equity based property crowdfunding investments, and as such, are only available to those who, according to the FCA, are in a position to understand the risks. To access our investments you need to identify yourself as being either:

High Net Worth Investor

You have a total annual income of £100,000 or more or net assets of £250,000 or more

Sophisticated Investor

You have been a director of a company with annual turnover of £1 million or more; or you have made more than one investment in an unlisted company; or you have been a member of a group of business angels for at least 6 months; or you have worked in the finance industry in an active professional capacity, financing small and medium sized firms in the last 24 months.


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Equity based property crowdfunding

About Equity based property crowdfunding

For many years, a significant proportion of property development and investment has been funded through Joint Ventures (JV’s) either entirely, without any involvement of the banks, or to establish the capital needed to enable access to bank lending.

You could say that equity property crowdfunding is simply leveraging the power of the internet to enable a much larger community to establish Crowd Ventures – opening up these opportunities to a wider pool of investors whilst enabling them to spread their risk across a diverse range of investments


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Crowdfunding Property UK

Why we exist


The UK needs more homes, both to buy and to rent, we all know that.

What you may not be aware of is how a significant proportion of developments and buy-to-let properties are provided by small, independent, local or regional operators, who need capital to fund their projects. Capital that is no longer available from the banks at reasonable rates.

CrowdLords was created to help solve this issue in the UK using crowdfunding. We make property investment easier, more accessible and more productive for more people. So that together, using property crowdfunding, we can do our bit to help improve the supply of homes in a way where everyone benefits (apart from the banks).


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