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About CrowdLords


Directly connecting Investors and Property Professionals so that more people can benefit from investing in property.

The majority of property investments in the UK are funded by relatively few people. We believe that, if we can change the balance and involve more people, then everyone could benefit. 


People investing directly in property, rather than only earning interest on their savings in the bank, could get a better return. Others wishing to be LandLords or Developers could have access to the funds they currently can't get and on better terms. 

Our core principle, that we hold true in everything we do, is that by pooling resources we can achieve more - we can enable more people to own property across the UK, not fewer. We can improve the availability of high quality homes to either buy or rent and at reasonable rates. And we can help savers, whether they are young people saving to buy their first home, or pensioners looking for regular income, to get a better return.

With CrowdLords, everyone benefits.

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Richard Bush


Samuel Page


Shahzad Mahmood
Project Manager


Morwenna Frankson
Investment Manager




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