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The types of properties we fund


Our aim is to offer the widest range of UK property investments across the country - available for investment from as little as £1,000. Including:
Off-Plan Buy-to-Lets
Standard Buy-to-Lets
Residential conversions
New build developments
All investment properties are presented in a consistent way to make them easier to compare. You should bear in mind that CrowdLords cannot advise you on whether to invest and you
should seek advice if in doubt.


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Due Diligence

Property investment carries risks as well as potential rewards. It is highly recommended that Investors carry out their own due diligence prior to making investment decisions.
We complete an initial due diligence check on every LandLord/Developer and property to assist you in this process.
Transparency is important to us and so we provide as much information as we can about the people behind each project; the property; and the investment; to help you in your decision
Our Due Diligence includes KYC, AML and credit checks. We also meet with every LandLord and Developer to understand their background, experience and motives. We also visit each property and where needed arrange an independent survey or valuation.


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Our Model


CrowdLords is an equity based crowd funding platform for people considering investing in UK property. Investors have a direct shareholding in an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) established with the sole purpose of either purchasing and managing a property as a Buy-to-Let investment or developing a property for sale, or a combination of the two.
All shareholders, where the opportunity presents, share in both the income and capital returns of the investment property by using different classes of shares.
The LandLord or Developer determines what proportion of any income generated by the investment property (after some fixed costs) will be paid quarterly as dividends and what proportion of any capital growth will be paid at the end of the term to investors.

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How to access CrowdLords investments


CrowdLords is designed for High Net Worth, Sophisticated and Professional Investors only. So before you can invest with us we are required to make an assessment of whether you have sufficient knowledge and experience to understand the risks associated with our model for investing in UK property.
Once we are satisfied with this assessment you will be given access to the private site where you can choose from the pre-screened and pre-packaged UK property investments currently available. We encourage diversifying your property investments and so you can invest in as many properties as you wish in order to spread your risk. The minimum investment is £1,000 and some of the larger investments may have a higher minimum.
You can keep track of your investments and pose questions to the LandLords and Developers via your dashboard, and your Investment Manager is alway available to give support.
Please note that capital growth and/or income projections shown for each property investment is not guaranteed and Investors will only receive dividends if the investment is successful.


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