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Buy to let Property Investment

Who becomes a CrowdLords LandLord? 


CrowdLords was established to enable more people to benefit  from Buy-to-Let investment by investing in properties sourced  and managed by experienced LandLords.

If you already own and manage at least one Buy-to-Let property, but are looking to expand at a rate quicker than your available capital will allow, then CrowdLords could be an answer.

Investors are rewarded by sharing any income and capital growth the Buy-to-let property generates, and as such, they are investing in your experience and expertise.

Please bear in mind that CrowdLords is targeted solely at Investors, LandLords and Developers who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand the risks involved in investments such as this.


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The types of properties funded


Our platform can be used to fund most types of Buy-to-Let property, as long as combined, the inherent value, any income and the projected growth in value over the term, delivers the right returns:

Off-Plan Investments

Buy-to-let Properties being purchased Off-Plan to be rented out on completion

Existing Buy-to-Let properties

Buy-to-let Properties that are already tenanted can be funded either by the existing owner to release capital or by a prospective purchaser.

Buy-to-let refurbishments and conversions

Buy-to-let Properties being refurbished to increase the rental value or converted for use as an HMO. These conversions can be funded as developments and refinanced by the LandLord on completion if required.

Buy-to-let property developments

Properties being converted from residential use or separated into flats or studios. These two can be funded as developments and refinanced on completion


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The Equity Model


CrowdLords is an equity based crowdfunding platform where Investors have a direct shareholding in an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) established with the sole purpose of purchasing and managing a Buy-to-Let property as an investment.

As the LandLord, you hold a different class of shares in the SPV and the classes of share define how any income and capital growth is distributed during and at the end of the project.

CrowdLords provides all the legal and financial frameworks and facilitates ongoing communications between you and your investors.


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The Process


The Process

All Investors, LandLords and Developers are required by the FCA to be registered and approved on our platform.
After that, the next stage is for us to meet to discuss your experience, to review the buy-to-let property and to look at comparables. We will then carryout further Due Diligence on you and your project including visiting the site and if possible visiting your other properties.
We then work with you to prepare the Financial Proposal that forms the basis of the listing on our platform. If everyone is happy we then prepare the listing and launch it to our Investors.



Once the required funds have been raised we handle the legal and financial process, including establishing a bank account, collecting funds, the legal documentation and the distribution of funds to shareholders throughout the term.


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